Timetable Committee

Sl. No Name Of the Committee Members Role/Responsibilities of the Committee
1 Timetable Committee 1. Dr. S. Sreenadha Reddy, Principal, Chairman
2. Dr. Sanjeev Srivastava, Dean, Coordinator
3. Dr. G. Srinivas, HOD-H&S, Member
4. Dr. S.P. Yadav, HOD-ECE, Member
5. Dr. B. Santhosh Kumar, HOD-CSE, Member
6. Dr. Sadish Sendil, HOD-ET, Member
7. Dr. B. Vijayakumar, HOD-ME, Member
8. Ms. K. Vijyalaxmi, HOD-CE, Member
9. Dr. Ch. Nagaraja Kumari, HOD-EEE, Member
10. Dr. S. Jayanthi, HOD-IT, Member
11. Dr. B. Madhsudhan Reddy, HOD-MBA, Member
Frequency of meetings: 2 Per Year
To prepare the Institutional Academic Calendar at the end of each semester for the next semester with the active involvement of the respective Heads of Departments and under the guidance of the Principal.