Student Welfare Committee

Sl. No Name Of the Committee Members Role/Responsibilities of the Committee
1 Student Welfare Committee 1. Dr. M. Sadish Sendil, Professor & HOD, ET, Convener
2. Mr. R. Jagan, Asst. Professor, EEE, Member
3. Ms. Ismat Begum, Asst. Professor, IT, Member
4. Ms. G. Kiranmai, Asst. Professor, ECE, Member
5. Mr. U. Praveen, Asst. Professor, CE, Member
6. Mr. A. Rajesh, Asst. Professor, CSE, Member
7. Mr. A. Vijay Kumar, Asst. Professor, ME, Member
8. Mr. E. Shiva Kumar, Asst. Professor, H&S, Member
9. Ms. P. Rajitha, Asst. Professor, MBA, Member
Frequency of meetings: 2 Per Year
To enhance the well-being and overall development of students by addressing their academic, emotional, social, and extracurricular needs.