Anti-Ragging Committee

Sl. No Name Of the Committee Members Role/Responsibilities of the Committee
1 Anti-Ragging Committee 1. Dr. S. Sreenadha Reddy, Principal, Chairman
2. Dr. Sanjeev Srivastava, Dean, Member
3. Dr. A.K.Goyal, COE, Member
4. Mr. P. Kumaraswamy, Asst. Professor-H&S, Coordinator
5. Dr. G. Srinivas, HOD-H&S, Convenor
6. Dr. S.P. Yadav, HOD-ECE, Member
7. Dr. B. Santhosh Kumar, HOD-CSE, Member
8. Dr. Sadish Sendil, HOD-ET, Member
9. Dr. B. Vijayakumar, HOD-ME, Member
10. Ms. K. Vijyalaxmi, HOD-CE, Member.
11. Dr. Ch. Nagaraja Kumari, HOD-EEE, Member
12. Dr. S. Jayanthi, HOD-IT, Member
13. Dr. B. Madhsudhan Reddy, HOD-MBA, Member
14. Mr. G. Kashipathi, OS, Member
15. Mr. Chandrashekhar, Transport Supervisor, Member
Frequency of meetings: 1 Per Year
Prevent ragging by students in the institute by pro-actively involving, taking rounds. Promote and maintain discipline in the institute by pro-actively giving suggestions to curb ragging