Faculty Welfare Committee

Sl. No Name Of the Committee Members Role/Responsibilities of the Committee
1 Faculty Welfare Committee 1. Dr. S. Sreenatha Reddy, Principal, Chairperson
2. Dr. M. Sadish Sendil, HOD-ET, Coordinator
3. Dr. R. Dhanasekaran, IQAC Coordinator, Member
4. Dr. B. Vijaya Kumar, HoD, ME, Member
5. Dr. S. P. Yadav, HoD, ECE, Member
6. Dr. B. Santhosh Kumar, HoD, CSE, Member
7. Dr. S. Jayanthi, HoD, IT, Member
8. Dr. Nagaraja Kumari, HoD, EEE, Member
9. Dr. G. Srinivas, HoD, H &S, Member
10. Dr. B. Madhusudhan Reddy, HoD, MBA, Member
11. Prof. K. Vijayalakshmi, HoD, CE, Member
12. Dr. Ch. Nagarraja Kumari, HOD-EEE, Member
To look after the needs of the staff to maintain their high morale To ensure favorable working environment for members of staff To coordinate for benevolent facilities for the members of staff To plan for general welfare activities for, teaching and administrative staff