Alumni Committee

Sl. No Name Of the Committee Members Role/Responsibilities of the Committee
1 Alumni Committee 1. Dr. Sreenatha Reddy, Principal, Chairperson
2. Mr. Vinay Chopra, Head T & P
3. Mr. Vinay Sagar Anchuri, TPO
4. Mr. GNV Kaparthi, TPC
5. Mrs. S.Vasanti, Asst. Professor in ECE
6. Mr. K. Ramesh Asst. Professor in CE
7. Mr. R.Jagan, Asst. Professor in EEE
8. Mr. Vijay Kumar, Asst. Professor in ME
9. Mr. Bharath, Asst. Professor in CSE
10. Mrs. Anusha, Asst. Professor in IT
Frequency of meetings: 1 Per Year
To highlight the success of alumni to improve the credibility and reputation of the college. Plan and promote a platform for interaction between all stakeholders.