About EDC Cell-GNIT

Entrepreneurship is increasingly recognized as an important driver of economic growth of a country. Even Govt. of India has recognized the importance of entrepreneurship and has introduced programs like "Make in India" & "Start-up India".

The aim of Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) at Guru Nanak Institute of Technology is to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial qualities in the budding professionals who are interested in starting their own ventures. The College provides infrastructure and technical support to the students having innovative ideas to transform into new products and services for the betterment of the society. The EDC also assists all the aspirants with mentoring, planning and execution of their start up idea into a real business. The EDC has maintained a pool of Sponsors like banks, national entrepreneurship training agencies and suppliers, who are willing to aid budding entrepreneurs.

Hence an Entrepreneurship Development Cell was constituted in the college with a dedicated team of actively working faculty who has an industry exposure along with some student representatives. Aspiring engineer entrepreneurs are groomed with the necessary inputs on how to be a successful entrepreneur through workshops and seminars by eminent people from the industry. At GNIT, we encourage the students to consider self-employment as a career option, providing necessary training in Entrepreneurship skills through standardized courses. The cell also organizes different activities and events from time to time to train and motivate the students on entrepreneurship.


Our vision is to aid the growth of our society by enabling entrepreneurs with integrity & sustainability and encourage individual ability and creativity.


To be the leader in enabling & facilitating entrepreneurs, support the sparks of budding entrepreneurs and manifesting the spirit and energy of young students from ideation to start-up to establishment and scaling up with integrity and sustainability through constant guidance & mentoring through various programs and schemes.

Objective of EDC

To act as an institutional mechanism for providing various services including information to budding student entrepreneurs.

To create Entrepreneurial culture in the Parent Institution and other institutions in the region and to promote the objectives of NSTEDB, including programmes related to women and weaker sections of the society

To foster better linkages between the Parent Institution, Industries and R&D institutions in the region and other related organizations engaged in promoting Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) including NGOs and other Voluntary Organizations.

To catalyze and promote development of S&T based Enterprises and promote employment opportunities

To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at national and international level relating to SMEs and Micro Enterprises.

EDC Cell Members

Coordinator EDC

Dr. B.Madhusudhan Reddy,

Department of Management Studies,
Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Khanapur Village, Ibrahimpatnam,

Dist: Ranga Reddy, Telangana, Pin: 501506.

Email :hodmba.gnit@gniindia.org

Co-coordinator EDC

Mr. E.Ramesh,
Assistant Professor,

Department of Management Studies,
Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Khanapur Village, Ibrahimpatnam,

Dist: Ranga Reddy, Telangana, Pin: 501506.

Email :rameshmba.gnit@gniindia.org


Details of Entrepreneurship Development cell

S No. Academic Year No. of Events
1 2021-22 15
2 2020-21 14
3 2019-20 06
4 2018-19 7
5 2017-18 7
6 2016-17 10
7 2015-16 3
8 2014-15 2

Name Of Program Conducted

Institution Efforts Impact on Students
My Story - Motivational Session By Successful Entrepreneur/Start-Up Founder. Workshop is conducted on 27/11/2021, the objective of this workshop Motivate to start start-ups and made them to sustain in that for long period without any deviations and the resource person is Mrs.D. Lakshmi Haritha Bhavani, Founder & CEO of Ancient foods of India, Hyderabad and 82 students & 12 faculties are participated.
Workshop On “Entrepreneurship And Innovation As Career Opportunity" Workshop is conducted on 26/11/2021 the resource person is Dr. S. Jayanthi , HOD IT Guru Nanak Institute of Technology the main objective is To focus on Interpersonal skills, Entrepreneurship, Critical & creative thinking skills and 53 students & 10 faculties are participated.
Engineer To Entrepreneur Webinar is conducted on 15/11/2021, the resource person is Mr. Y. Shiva Kumar Reddy, Director, MSpace India Pvt. Ltd-Hyderabad and helped students to learn fundamentals of entrepreneurship and skills required to be a good entrepreneur. and 68 student & 15 faculties are participated.
Entrepreneurial Opportunities In Engineering Sector-Prospects & Challenges Workshop is conducted on 15/02/2022, the resource person is Dr. R. Dhanasekaran, IIC Convenor, GNIT and helped Participants got knowledge about the importance of entrepreneurship and how they have to start. It helped a lot and students have been benefitted and 50 students & 10 faculty are participated.
Entrepreneurship Development In Competitive Environment Workshop is conducted on 21/11/2021, the resource person is Dr. A. Ananda Kumar, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Commerce, DMI – ST. Eugene University, Great North Road, Lusaka, Zambia and helped Students to gain knowledge on entrepreneurship ideas in solving various problems engage in calculated risk-taking and meeting challenges and 75 students & 04 faculty are participated.
Entrepreneurship For Young Engineers Webinar is conducted on 23/2/2022. The resource person is Dr.Menaka Bammidi, Asst. Professor, Innovation Ambassador, MBA Dept, MVSR Engg college and helped students learnt about how to sets up a business and managing financial risks in the hope of profit as an Entrepreneur and 54 students & 10 faculties are participated in the webinar
Entrepreneurship Opportunities In Electrical Engineering Domain Webinar is conducted on 25/11/2021. The resource person is Dr. Sanjeev Shrivastava, Dean, GNIT Hyderabad and helped students to learnt Participants learned regarding opportunities that include entrepreneurial opportunities in current and future technologies in the electrical domain and 100 students & 12 faculties are participated in the webinar
Entrepreneurship Opportunities In India Webinar is conducted on 01/02/2022. The resource person is Dr.R.Dhanasekaran , IIC- Convenor, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. Helped students Participants gained knowledge on start-ups in India & also aware about various funding agencies role and 76 students & 8 faculties are participated in the webinar
Opportunities For Early Stage Of Entrepreneurs Webinar is conducted on22 /01/2022. The resource person is Mr. G. V. Ravi Teja, helped students to gain the knowledge to overcome the failures and become a successful entrepreneur. Hardship needs to be faced during transmit Is also discussed. and 70 students & 17 faculties are participated in the webinar
Webinar on Entrepreneurial Opportunities in MSME Idea Hackathon 2022 Workshop is conducted on 17-4-2022, the objective of this workshop To describe the event of MSME Idea Hackathon 2022, Procedure of uploading ideas in MSME Idea Hackathon 2022 and motivating students to upload ideas for the contest and the resource person is Dr.R.Dhanasekaran, Innovation Ambassador & MOE, GNIT, Hyderabadand 82 students and 4 faculties are participated.
Webinar on Entrepreneurial Opportunities in MSME Workshop is conducted on 17-04-2022 the resource person isDr. Sanjeev Shrivastava, Dean (Academics and R&D), GNIT, Hyderabad the main objective is tounderstand the role of MSME in economic Development and Various opportunities in MSME for new start-upsand 82 students and 4 faculties are participated.
Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skills, Attitude and Behaviour Development Webinar is conducted on 24-2-2022, the resource person is Prof. V. Agalya, Innovative Ambassador & MOE, CMR Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka. and helped students to get knowledge about entrepreneur skills, attitude and behavior of entrepreneur towards new start-ups and 68 students are participated.
Funding Support for early Stage of Entrepreneurship Workshop is conducted on 11-2-2022, the resource person is Dr. B. Madhusudhan Reddy and helped Students learnt various types funds required, Estimation of funds and sources of raising funds at the early stage of startup. and 75 students and 5 faculty are participated.
Solve Ideation Challenge On 02-11-2021 Ideation Challenge is conducted on 02-11-2021, the objective of the programme is to generate business ideas from various students of GNIT and 22 teams are participated and various business ideas from different departments.
Intellectual Property Rights& IP Management For Innovation and Startups Webinar is conducted on 21/11/2021. The resource person is Mr. RakeshGandla, Senior Manager & Head Marketing, FlashGuard Pvt. Ltd.The objective of webinar is Understand the Need for Intellectual Property, the Role of Trademarks, Copyrights & Patents in start-ups and IP Management Process and 100 students and 14 faculties are participated in the webinar
Panel Discussion on Atmanirbhar Bharat- Vocal for Local, Make In India for the world. Webinar is conducted on 05/12/2020. To motivate the students of all years towards internships start- ups under MAKE IN INDIA and 80 students and 10 faculties are participated in the webinar
Pitching workshop & linkage of innovators with Innovation Ambassadors Webinar was held on 17 Sep, 2020 and the resource person Dr. J. PREETHA and Students got knowledge how to analyse the real time problems by using real time applications and Sustainability. 90 participants have participated in the session out of which 28 are our faculty members and remaining are from different colleges and industry.
Session on Problem Solving and Ideation Workshop Workshop is conducted on 17th July 2020 from 01PM to 02PM, the objective of this workshop To motivate the faculty & students in problem solving and creative thinking. the resource person is Dr.V.Sesha Sai Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of H&S and 45 students are participated
Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity Workshop is conducted on 16-12-2020 the main objective is To motivate the participants to consider the entrepreneurship and innovative ideas and turning them into business opportunities and understand the risks involved in it and 77 students and 9 faculties are participated.
My Story - Motivational Sessionby Successful Innovators. Workshop is conducted on 13th October, 2020, resource person is Dr. R. Hafeez Basha, Chief Executive Officer, Technology Business Incubator, Chandigarh University, Students and faculty learned how to establish a collective environment among industry and the scholarly community through joint exploration extends and counselling tasks and 50students and 35 faculties are participated.
“Enlightenment on entrepreneurship-Inspiring young minds” Webinar is conducted on 27-3-2021, the resource person is Dr. Ch. Naga Ramya Kiran and helped students to learn the basic understanding of how Entrepreneurship enriches the business organizations in achieving a multidimensional growth and 74 students are participated.
Workshopon “Functions of Entrepreneur" Workshop is conducted on 3-4-2021, the resource person is Dr. B. Madhusudhan Reddy and helped students to learn values, attitudes and motivation of an entrepreneur and various functions performed by entrepreneurs and 74 students are participated.
SessionOn Buildingan Innovation/ Productfit for Market. Webinar is conducted on 03-7-2021, the resource person is Dr. K. Rajesh Kumar, Director, Centre for Construction methods and materials, SR University, Warangal and helped students’ to learn the innovation principles of green technology like in design efficiency, energy efficiency, material efficiency etc. and 60 students and 21 faculty are participated.
Session on Accelerators / Incubation - Opportunitiesforthe Students& Faculties - Early-Stage Entrpreneurs. Webinar is conducted on 13-7-2021, the resource person is Mr. S. Santhosh, EDII-TABIF, Chief Executive officer, Trichy, Tamilnadu and the objective of webinar is to motivate the students of all years about opportunities in earl stage entrepreneurship and to know about various opportunities in entrepreneurship areas and 140 students and 10 faculty are participated.
Orientation Sessionforall Students & faculties of Institute by Innovation Ambassador Webinar is conducted on 11-01-2021, the resource person is Dr. Anmol Goyal and Students and Faculty got knowledge about the technological and academic career enhancement and 80 students and 12 faculty are participated.
Session OnIdentifying Intellectual Property Component at the Early Stage of Innovation. Workshop is conducted on 23-11-2020, the resource person is Dr. B. Madhusudhan Reddy and Students and Faculty got knowledge how to protect their intangible assets from other copying original work and 76 students and 8 faculty are participated.
Session On Angel Investment / VC Funding Opportunity for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs. Workshop is conducted on 18-7-2021, the resource person is Mr.Gandla Rakesh, the main objective is to describe various funding opportunities for early stage of entrepreneurs and 50 students and 8 faculty are participated.
Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Phases. Workshop is conducted on 02-12-2020, the resource person is Mr. Hari Phi, CEO, Techieyan Technologies, the main objective is to motivate the participants to plunge into entrepreneurial career andunderstand and bear risks involved in it and 50 students and 6 faculty are participated.
Session/ Panel discussion with innovation and Startup Ecosystem Enablers from the region/ state/ national level Workshop is conducted on 14-08-2021, the resource person is Mr. Vaibhav Jaiswal VK Regional Head, Niltech Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, Telangana, India, Student and faculty got knowledge on the elementary understanding of how start-ups and their ecosystems enhance the business in attaining a multidimensional growth.and 85 students and 3 faculty are participated.
My Story – Entrepreneur’s Life & Cross roads-Motivational Speak-To be shared by Entrepreneurs Workshop is conducted on 08-07-2019, the main objective is Awareness of how to develop the leadership Skills among the students and 250 students and 25 faculty are participated.
Workshop On National Innovation and Start-Up Policy (NSIP). Workshop is conducted on 28-11-2019, the resource person is Dr. Vijaya Kumar. the main objective is to educate the students how to Establish a Start-Up company and to educate them towards the Success in their path. and 160 students and 6 faculty are participated.
Product Development Phases - Story Telling - (Innovators in Campus) Workshop is conducted on 16-12-2019, the main objective is to educate the students on various phases in developing a Product or Service and 60 students and 5 faculty are participated.
Organise Workshop on Business Model Canvas (BMC) and (OR) Business Plan Competition to Invite Innovative Business Models from Students. Workshop is conducted on 19-05-2020, the main objective is to Describe importance of new Idea, Entrepreneurship Opportunities, Business Model and Business Plan and 120 students and 10 faculty are participated.
Demo Day – Exbhition Cum Mentorship Session for Innovators (OR) Student Entrepreneurs. A Demo Day is conducted on 15-02-2020, the main objective of this programme was to gather all interested, intelligent and innovative thinking students on one platform for sharing their knowledge and innovative ideas at that place of GNIT
Organise One Day Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity” Workshop is conducted on 27-09-2019, the main objective is to educate the students on the concept of entrepreneurship, its importance, benefits and various stages in forming new venture and 0 students and 5 faculty are participated.
E-Summit by GNIT with Sumvn at GNI campus. 23-24 August 2016 – 200 Students attended to event graced by eminent speakers.
E-Summit by GNIT with JS group at GNI- Telangana E-Summit www.telanganaesummit.com. 8-4-2017. - Around 1000 students and faculty of GNI participated in this mega Event.
MOU – NEN- Wadhwani foundation on 19-9-2016 https://learnwise.org/#/IN/en/user/login. Every year around 60 to 80 students completes NEN-100 certification program and around 50 to 60 students completes their NEN -101 certification program.
MOU with Wise Owl Consultancy- founder Dr. Radhika Meenakshi Shankar. Founder, Wise Owl Consultancy. Establishing EDC Structure, Mentoring Start-ups (Student Venture /Campus Companies) activities in NEN 100 course.
MOU with IIT Bombay for Robotics Workshop and Zonal Competition. Workshop was completed on 11-9-2017. Zonal Competition was completed on 24-9-2017.
Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp sponsored by EDII, Ahmadabad-The 3 days workshop. 20-22 October 2016(2016-18) -450 attendees inspired by a dozen speakers of various fields to create awareness amongst students.
Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp sponsored by EDII, Ahmadabad-The 3 days workshop. 21-24 October 2017 (2017-18)-480 attendees inspired by a many mentors of various fields to create entrepreneurship awareness.
IPR Awareness Program sponsored by Ministry of Information and Technology , New Delhi. About 90 faculty members have benefited by this programme. The event was held on 15-16 September 2017.
IPR CELL for Faculty research and Student education. 30 Patent Agencies responds to GNIT IPR Cell establishing.
FDP in 2016"Entrepreneurial Orientation in Technical Subject Pedagogy” GNIT/ GNITC. 75 faculty of GNIT were trained by Dr. Radhika Meenakshi Shankar, Founder, Wise Owl Consultancy
Startup Prayanam- Aleap Industrial February 18, 2017. Almost 100 students have participated in the event.
Entrepreneurial Alumni Meet on January 24, 2017 an E-cell, open platform for Students in GNIT graced By Dr. Radhika Meenakshi Shankar, Founder, and Wise Owl Consultancy. Advised by GNIT Entrepreneur Alumni Students to guide through GNIT Entrepreneur Alumni WhatsApp group..
Women Entrepreneurship day on 9-3-2017 panel discussion. Women entrepreneur’s motivated around 250 girl students
IDEA BOX CONTEST to generate Ideas from creative student minds 2017. More than 300 students have participated in this event and realized the value of Generating ideas.
E-Day for GNIT campus. Oct 16, 2017 Adobe Photoshop training, Ethical hacking and many non-technical events have been organized
MOU –NEN- Wadhwani foundation for 2017 batch https://learnwise.org/#/IN/en/user/login NEN 100 2017 66 GNIT students completed NEN 100 certificate.
MOU –NEN- Wadhwani foundation 2018 batch https://learnwise.org/#/IN/en/user/login NEN 100 2018 batch 70 Students. NEN 101 2018 Batch- 20 students.
MOU with Wise Owl Consultancy- founder Dr. Radhika Meenakshi Shankar Establishing EDC Structure, Mentoring Start-ups(Student Venture /Campus Companies)activities in NEN 100 course
2017 FDP on "Entrepreneurial Orientation in Technical Subject Pedagogy” GNIT 90 faculty of GNIT were trained by Dr. Radhika Meenakshi Shankar, Founder, Wise Owl Consultancy
GNIT Work space and Mentorship Gifteria, TSI (Design & Fabrication)
Proposals by GNIT EDC for Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (2018) Sample Copy ready for Campus Company

Start-up India

Start-up India campaign is based on an action plan aimed at promoting bank financing for start-up ventures to boost entrepreneurship and encourage start-ups with jobs creation. The campaign was first announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his 15 August 2015 address from the Red Fort. It is focused on to restrict role of States in policy domain and to get rid of "license raj and hindrances like in land permissions, foreign investment proposal, environmental clearances. It was organized by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP). A start- up is an entity that is headquartered in India which was opened less than five years ago and has an annual turnover less than Rs. 25 crore (US$3.7 million). The government has already launched iMADE, an app development platform aimed at producing 1,000,000 apps and PMMY, the MUDRA Bank, a new institution set up for development and refinancing activities relating to micro units with a refinance Fund of Rs. 200 billion (US$3.0 billion).

The Stand-up India initiative is also aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among SCs/STs, women communities. Rural India's version of Start-up India was named the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Swaniyojan Yojana. To endorse the campaign, the first magazine for start- ups in India, The Cofounder, was launched in 2016.

Key Points

  • Single Window Clearance even with the help of a mobile application
  • 10,000 crore fund of funds
  • 80% reduction in patent registration fee
  • Modified and more friendly Bankruptcy Code to ensure 90-day exit window
  • Freedom from mystifying inspections for 3 years
  • Freedom from Capital Gain Tax for 3 years
  • Freedom from tax in profits for 3 years
  • Eliminating red tape
  • Self-certification compliance
  • Innovation hub under Atal Innovation Mission
  • Starting with 5 lakh schools to target 10 lakh children for innovation programme
  • New schemes to provide IPR protection to start-ups and new firms
  • Encourage entrepreneurship.
  • Stand India across the world as a start-up hub

Government Role

The Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Department of Science and Technology have agreed to partner in an initiative to set up over 75 such start-up support hubs in the National Institutes of Technology (NITs), the Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), the Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISERs) and National Institutes of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPERs). The Reserve Bank of India said it will take steps to help improve the ???ease of doing businesses in the country and contribute to an ecosystem that is conducive for the growth of start-up businesses.

Action Plan

Start-up India: The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi had this year in his Independence Day speech announced the Start-up India initiative. This initiative aims at fostering entrepreneurship and promoting innovation by creating an ecosystem that is conducive for growth of Start-ups. The objective is that India must become a nation of job creators instead of being a nation of job seekers. The Prime Minister of India will formally launch the initiative on January 16, 2016 from Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. The event will be attended by a vast number of young Indian entrepreneurs (over 2000) who have embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship through Start-ups.

As a key component of this Start-up India launch, Government of India is organizing a global workshop on Innovation and Start-ups on January 16, 2016. Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India will be the Chief Guest on the occasion. This workshop aims to provide a platform to bring together all stakeholders, stimulate dialogue on key challenges that the Indian innovation ecosystem currently faces, and provide the potential solutions to address them. Fostering a fruitful culture of innovation in the country is a long and important journey. This initiative will go a significant way in reiterating Government of India???s commitment to making India the hub of innovation, design and Start-ups.

Steps to Starting a Business

Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities. These 10 easy steps can help you plan, prepare and manage your business. Click on the links to learn more.

Step 1: Write a Business Plan

Use these tools and resources to create a business plan. This written guide will help you map out how you will start and run your business successfully.

  • Define your vision:What will be the end result of your business?
  • Define your mission:Different to a vision, your mission should explain the reason your company exists.
  • Define your objectives:What are you going to do -- what are your goals -- that will lead to the accomplishment of your mission and your vision?
  • Outline your basic strategies:How are you going to achieve the objectives you just bulleted?
  • Write a simple action plan:Bullet out the smaller task-oriented actions required to achieve the stated objectives.

Step 2: Get Business Assistance and Training

Take advantage of free training and counselling services, from preparing a business plan and securing financing, to expanding or relocating a business.

Step 3: Choose a Business Location

Get advice on how to select a customer-friendly location and comply with zoning laws.

Step 4: Finance Your Business

Find government backed loans, venture capital and research grants to help you get started.

Step 5: Determine the Legal Structure of Your Business

Decide which form of ownership is best for you: sole proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), corporation, S corporation, non-profit or cooperative.

Step 6: Register a Business Name ("Doing Business As")

Register your business name with your state government. Learn which tax identification number you'll need to obtain from the IRS and your state revenue agency.

Step 7: Register for State and Local Taxes

Register with your state to obtain a tax identification number, workers' compensation, unemployment and disability insurance.

Step 8: Obtain Business Licenses and Permits

Get a list of federal, state and local licenses and permits required for your business.

Step 9: Understand Employer Responsibilities

Learn the legal steps you need to take to hire employees.

Step 10: Find Local Assistance

Contact your local SBA office to learn more about how SBA can help.

Registration of Start-up

Option 1: An entity can register itself through MCA or Registrar of Firms using the existing processes and subsequently register itself on the Start-up India portal and mobile app as a ???Start-up??? to avail the benefits.

Option 2: An entity can register itself through the Start-up India portal and mobile app using a seamless process. This facility would be made available in the second phase of the Start-up India portal and mobile app launch.

  1. Log in to Start-up India Portal
  2. Choose your legal entity
  3. Input your incorporation/registration number
  4. Input your incorporation/registration date
  5. Input PAN number (optional)
  6. Input your address with postal code & state
  7. Input authorized representative details
  8. Input director(s)/partner(s) details
  9. Choose and upload supporting documents and self-certification
  10. Incorporation/registration certificate of company/LLP/Partnership
  11. Registration to avail tax and IPR
  12. Certify the official notification terms and conditions

Start-up in GNI

Sr. No Name of Student Joined DPCoE Passed Out Start Up Date Start Up Name Type of Start Up Details Link
1 Vaibhav Jaiswal 2016 2018 2018 Niltech Pvt. Ltd. quality services and training Technical Training,3D Printing Technology http://www.niltech.in/
2 K. NIKHIL,ROHITH REDDY,M. ADITYA 2016 2018 2018 GIFTERIA GIFTERIA missions to provide new Generation gifts to the Society at your door step. Provide the Best PERSONALISED GIFTS through a single store. http://www.gifteria.co/
3 Mohammed Abdul Rahman 2015 2018 2018 Domain- 360kart.in Sales & Service car sales and all commercial car services www.360kart.in
4 Navjot Singh 2018 2017 URBAN TURBAN AND FASHION YOU TUBE Channel FASHION Design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szhUNEfInGM
5 K.Abhishek 2016 2018 2018 EduRun APP Play store EduRun has ranked number one position in google forOUCET results http://edurun.org.in/
6 Rohit Sai Chetla 2014 2017 2017 warrantyme Whenever you purchase a product, using our custom scanner the bill and the purchase details will be stored in our Application, access the bills whenever you need to claim the warranty of the product. WarrantyMe, with our new approach we save bills and provide warranty services on the click of a button. https://www.warrantyme.co/