Team Super Ignite


We as the students of GURU NANAK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY are always fired up to know more about the technology and innovation as it helps to see the world with different perspective. This different way of thinking is helpful in solving the problems with different effective solutions. The go kart we fabricated and manufactured helped us to get into the future with a push and gives an advantage to the people who are participated in this go karting. Many successful drivers started their career with go karting as the basic sport is also tough to pull off. The shear practice and determination helped us to dig up the problems and we are able to rectify them effectively without any problems.


Go Kart Design Challenge formerly known as National Go Kart Championship is a competition initiated by ISNEE to offer teams the maximum design flexibility and the freedom to express their creativity and imaginations with very few restrictions on the overall kart design. The challenge to teams is to develop a kart (CV and EV)