Labs & Facilities

The department is well equipped with state-of- art laboratories and infrastructure facilities for conducting experiments in Physics, Chemistry and English communication skills lab for the training of communication and soft skills to meet the requirements of the syllabi and are replenished as and when necessary.

The rooms for conducting classes for B.Tech I Year students are exclusively provided in the first floor of a well furnished building in a calm and serene atmosphere.

The conceptual learning of the subjects is enhanced through practical lab sessions.


Engg. Chemistry Lab:
Engineering chemistry laboratory is exclusively for B.Tech I Year students and it deals with the concepts in a concise way and is of paramount importance. Describes the quantitative analysis and estimations of the compounds of general interest to the engineers. Techniques such as PH meter, potentionmeter, conductometer, calorimeter and estimation of hardness of water and experiments are done which are dealt in industry. Includes with all subject relevant matter, equations and additional information.


Engg. Physics Lab:
Engg. Physics laboratory is equipped with state of art equipment exclusively used by the I B. Tech students of GNIT. Laboratory is endowed with equipments to conduct experiments on Newton’s ring, Hall Effect, photo effect, Ohm’s law, and Frank Hertz experiments.

English Language Lab:
As part of English language teaching, life skills are imparted enabling the students to improve their marketability and employability.’ The better the communication skills, the better the success rate’ is what ELCS lab strongly meant for. Group Discussions, JAM Sessions, Presentations, Descriptions and Voice training and many more are the regular activities to the students. The department has a well established multimedia language lab with advanced licensed software to equip the students to be effective communicators. Our Workshops, Guest lectures on personality training and soft skills add value to the curricular activities.