HOD's Message

Computer Science always had the aspiration to go way beyond “coding”. It has always been more than just writing programs to make machines perform algorithms. Computer Scientists are problem solvers. Computer Scientists create communities. We help to build the infrastructures for social networks; we also work on solutions to protect our personal data; make data communication secure across a wide variety of “communication networks”; we build solutions to visualize information; we work on tools that help to make decisions by asking smarter questions, and bring more and more data into our decision making. With computers — as smart tools to help us think — we have to rely less on guessing. We can support our decisions by data. This is becoming more and more important in our increasingly digital economies. Hence, Data Science is a new area of research where we use computational tools to gather data, filter them, separate noise from useful information, and create knowledge — from which we can make better decisions and build smarter, enabling tools for our daily lives and to support our professional endeavours. Join us, and become an ambassador of Computer Science. Learn more about Computer Science as a student; we love to share our passion with you. Learn how to not only use computational tools, but how to work in teams, share ideas, present, communicate — in short, join creative teams that make a positive difference. Work with us if you are an entrepreneur or partner with us to enhance our digital economy, or let us help you solve challenges in your industry. Following our Faculty of Science’s motto “Curiosity Drives Discovery”, we as Computer Scientists create computational “Discovery Tools” and “Think Tools”. Welcome to our world.
With Best Wishes,

Dr.B.Santhosh Kumar
Professor & Head,
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
Guru Nanak Institute of Technology
Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad.
Mail: hodcse.gnit@gniindia.org
Mobile : +91-8096609826