Staff Achievements


1. Title: “Effect of Parameters on Efficiency of AA6063 Aluminium Alloy Coating on Mild Steel in Friction Surfacing”
Conference Attended:- Recent Innovations in Mechanical Engineering
Year: 2014

2. Title: Friction surfacing of AA6063 aluminium alloy over Mild steel
Conference Attended: National Welding Conference NWC-2013
Place: Benguluru
Year: 2013

3. Title: A Comparative Evaluation of Gas Tungsten Arc Welds and Friction Seam Welds of an Aluminium Alloy
Conference Attended: National Welding Seminar
Place: Benguluru
Year: 2013

4. Title: Mechanical Property Evaluation of Friction Seam Welds of Aluminium alloy AA 6063
Conference Attended: International conference
Place: Bhubaneswar KIIT International Symposium
Year: 2013

5. Title: A study on the use of frictional energy for surface modification of mild steel with AA6061 aluminium alloy over lay
Conference Attended: Total Engineering in Advances in Mechanical Engineering-TEAM TECH-2012
Location: IISC Bangalore
Year: 2012

Name: Dr. S. Sreenatha Reddy

1. Title: Tracking Lab Activity in Technical Education System: A Case-study
Conference Attended: International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education)
Location: BVBERCET, Hubli, Karnataka
Year: 2014

2. Title: CNG – gasoline bi-fuel air cooled engine development using electronic ignition system
Conference Attended: International conference in Electronics and Communications Engineering
Place: K. S. Rangasamy College of Technology, Namakkal
Year: 2013

Name: Dr. Dhansekharan R

1. Title: Enhance the wear resistance of En 353 steel by heat treatment
Conference Attended: Proceedings of Fifth National Conference on Recent Advancements in Mechanical Engineering
Location: K. S. Rangasamy College of Technology, Namakkal
Year: 2013

2. Title: National Conference on Universal Innovations in Mechanical Engineering
Conference Attended: Stress and failure investigation of second stage planet gear
Location: KSR College of Engineering, Tiruchengode, India
Year: 2012

Name: V.sitaram Prasad

Title: “Production, Optimization and Characterization of Pongamia Biodiesel (Pongamia Methyl Ester)”
Conference Attended: International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering-ICAME
Location: NIT, Suratkal
Place: 2012