Department Overview

The Department of HUMANITIES and SCIENCES was established in 2008. The department plays a vital role in grooming the students with basic knowledge of sciences and language. The department offers Chemistry, English, Mathematics and Physics devoted for all round development of I Year students. Mathematics and English subjects are also offered in II, and III yr as well.

The department of Humanities and Sciences is strengthened by experienced professors in each subject of Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry. The faculty is highly qualified and indulges in academic activities like writing text books and conducting conferences and publishing research papers. The Department provides an outstanding research environment.

Our vision is to ignite the inherent application skills of theoretical knowledge. In view of this, the Department is devoted to the dissemination of knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective and to empower the students the blend of Engineering and Management.

At the outset the department is acting as a bridge between the Science and Technology.