M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering

M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering -18

Program Structure
Program M.Tech
Duration 2 years
Eligibility Criteria B.Tech,MCA,MSc (Physics & Mathematics, Computers)
Selection Procedure Entrance Test and Interview

Research Mileage: There are multiple opportunities to do research in specific areas. Some of the specific areas are: Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Cloud computing, Robotics and Controls, Artificial intelligence, Human computer interaction etc.

Career Prospects
Computer Science and Engineering prepare students for a range of career opportunities in hardware and computer system design, computer networks, software engineering, data communications, multimedia processing, and internet and information technology. When most people think of computer engineering careers, they think exclusively of people who have jobs with technology companies. While technology companies are a major employer of computer engineers, companies in every sector of the economy, from business to government to education all rely on the work of computer engineers.

So individuals with training in computer engineering have much more flexibility in their career paths than most people realize. Graduates can expect to take up jobs in government departments, service organizations such as banks, airlines and public utilities, commercial organizations, and the manufacturing sector. More firms around the world are being computerized every year, and they require personnel to manage them.