Department Overview

Department of Information Technology was established in the year 2008 with an annual intake of 60 students. The Department provides an outstanding research environment with the aid of qualified faculty. The faculty in the department consists of senior and well experienced Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors with Ph.D./M. Tech and B. Tech Qualifications. Besides, theoretical research, faculty in the department also network with many reputed national and international societies and are involved in a number of projects in the areas of cutting edge technologies. It deals with career focused attributes to empower students to excel in their fields.

The Department has well-equipped laboratories consisting of the state-of-the-art servers & computers - used by the students of second, third and the final years.

Department Strengths

The Department has highly qualified and well experienced faculty. Most of the faculty members are pursuing Ph.D in various specializations in CSE & IT. Some of the faculty submitted their Ph.D thesis in reputed universities.

Good infrastructure for faculty as well students.

Enrollment of high caliber students.

Students are very disciplined and cultured.

Excellent pre-placement training for students from 2nd year onwards.

Digital Library Facility for students as well as faculty members.

Well-equipped and maintained Laboratories with centralized AC.

All labs having UPS backup facility and generator facility

Well maintained and purified water facility

Students are being counseled and guided by the faculty every week.

Faculty takes the cooperation from parents regarding the progress of students in academics.

Departmental workshops are organized in various upcoming technologies.

Active involvement in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

Vision of the Information Technology Department:
To be a leading department of Information Technology in the region

Mission of the Information Technology Department:
1. Nurture young individuals into knowledgeable, skillful and ethical professionals in their pursuit of Computer Science and Engineering.
2. Nurture the faculty to expose them to world-class infrastructure.
3. Sustain high performance by excellence in teaching, research and innovations.
4. Extensive partnerships and collaborations with foreign universities for technology upgradation.
5. Develop Industry-Interaction for innovation and product development.

Programme Educational Objectives
PEO-1: Graduates shall have the ability to apply knowledge and technical skills in emerging areas of Information Technology for higher studies, research, employability, product development and handle realistic problems.
PEO-2: Graduates shall possess managerial skills, maintain ethical conduct, sense of responsibility to serve the society and to protect the environment.
PEO-3: Graduates shall possess academic excellence with innovative insight, soft skills, leadership qualities, knowledge of contemporary issues for successful professional career.

Description of PEOs:
PEO 1.1: Ability to apply inter-disciplinary knowledge.
PEO 1.2: Ability to apply knowledge in emerging areas of IT for higher studies.
PEO 1.3: To work in research areas, make them employable and to handle realistic problems.
PEO 2.1: To inculcate ethics in conduct and commitment to serve the society.
PEO 2.2: To get managerial skills and to inculcate sense of responsibility to protect the environment.
PEO 3.1: Graduates are facilitated to have sound foundation in academic excellence and Communication skills.
PEO 3.2: Graduates are facilitated to get leadership qualities.
PEO 3.3: Graduates are facilitated to understand the need for lifelong learning for a successful Professional career.